Tree Risk Assessment

The reality of having trees on your property is that each and every one of them presents a certain element of risk. It is unrealistic to simply cut every tree down to minimize this, so we have come up with a process to analyze the overall health and condition of each tree as well as potential risks they could pose in the future. We individually assess each tree you would like to be looked at and suggest next steps based on what we find.

Depending on our findings, we can then suggest a broad range of solutions. Some trees require a full removal if they pose any significant risk, while other trees may need “surgery” to fix certain parts. You may also have trees that need little to no maintenance if they are safely standing. We’ll work to help you meet expected standards of safety, allowing you to save money, mitigate risks, and take care of your customers at the same time.

In order to provide accurate results, we evaluate four factors to assess any given tree on your property:

  1. Time. Our first step is to establish a timeframe for a potential tree failure. Based on the health of the tree we are able to decide the span of time that it may take for the tree to cause problems. If you prolong this process for enough time, any tree will eventually fall over. An estimated length of time for the tree to become dangerous is an important part of safely planning when and how we conduct our job and crucial to the safety of you and anything that is in proximity of the tree.
  2. Target. Another question we ask in our assessment is: what is the tree most likely to hit? The pool? A tennis court? A resident’s or customer’s car? When a tree falls unexpectedly, the results can be devastating. Determining the location which a tree may fall into is crucial in estimating the severity of an impending accident and preventing it from happening.
  3. Likely Defects or Causes of Failure. We determine what’s most likely to turn the tree into a problem. Is it already leaning? Is it covered in carpenter ants (a major indication of decay)? Does it have a weak structure? Some problems won’t be obvious to the naked eye.
  4. Consequences of Failure and Impact. Our team knows what parts of trees tend to break first, how they break, how trees fall, and the “chain reactions” a falling or fallen tree can set off. Our process includes analyzing questions such as : What is likely to happen if the tree falls? What might be damaged? Who might be hurt? What kind of monetary effect might that have?
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