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Homeowners Tree Removal Insurance in Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas
Learn about whether or not your insurance company covers the cost of removing fallen trees as well as the damages it caused.
Consider all the damages a fallen tree has done to your property. Some may be minor like a small scratch to your roof, or something major like a big hole in your roof. Regardless of the severity of the damage, it is best to always act fast before further damage can be done to the house. Typically, insurance companies will encourage homeowners to contact tree service companies and begin the process of tree removal and installation of safety measurements to prevent the further damages of the home so that the house itself can stay dry and the next phase of rebuilding the home can proceed.
  Who is an Adjuster, and what do they do for the homeowners in the case of incidences?

An adjuster arranges an assessment, collects data, and reports claim details to the insurance. Their role is to make a recommendation as to whether a claim is covered by the insurance. Typically, an adjuster is needed for homeowners to make a claim to the insurance company, however homeowners do not need to wait for the arrival of an adjuster before beginning the repair to their homes. The reason for this is because incidents such as tree falling don’t happen only to one house at a time. They often occur during storms when a large number of civilians are affected. In circumstances like these, there simply aren’t enough adjusters to fulfill the insurance’s demands in a timely and effective manner.

  Are Three Repair Estimates Necessary?
In a hazardous situation, most of the time three estimates are not necessary. The first priority in these situations are safety in both a moral, human perspective and a business perspective. The last thing an insurance company would want is for homeowners to feel the need to get an estimate and then during that time, the tree slips and falls on someone, a child or a pet. That liability is simply something insurance companies wouldn’t want. “Reasonable and Customary charges” are what insurance companies use as a guideline to provide coverage towards funds that are utilized to remove trees and repair a home for the damages caused.
  Will My Insurance Company Cover this?
In general, standard insurance policies are a legally binding contract between the insured and the insurance provider to cover what are known as “modified structures” on the property. A home, storage shed outdoors, garage, fence, deck, patio, your veggie garden or a child’s playground are all examples that are considered as modified structures. Anything that is permanently fastened to the ground is normally considered a modified structure on the property and is typically covered under homeowners insurance if a tree falls on it. However, it is vital to remember that certain conditions must be met in order for this insurance to kick in, as detailed below:
The first is the modified structure’s boundaries and whether or not it is on the property. The majority of insurance plans only cover modified structures on the property. Unless you have an additional “tree rider” on your policy that expressly covers damage to your trees, it is unlikely that the tree will be covered unless it collides with something.

The second thing to check is the damage itself. The insurance companies’ main objective is to ensure your property remains in its original condition. Without actual damages to the home, insurance companies may deny coverage. Something like a tree brushing against your home and not actually dealing any damage is an example where insurance companies may deny cover for that incident. 

Typically, Insurance companies will cover taking down a fallen tree from a modified structure, and the removal of the tree’s debris from homeowner’s modified structures.

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