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Serving the Ann Arbor Michigan area, 734-Arborist is a company built on our determination to respond quickly, effectively and professionally in emergency tree removal operations. We provide service to many commercial industries and provide other businesses with hassle free, reliable tree care and removal. We are fully insured and all our work is completed in accordance with US Standards and Occupational Health and Safety policies and procedures.

Although we love trees, our organization understands the inherent risk that often comes with having trees on your property. Every year several hundred people die from tree-related accidents, many of which are caused by an extreme weather event such as a storm. When this occurs, the amount of people that are injured in accidents involving trees dramatically rises.

As a result of this, the liability for any damages when it comes to fallen or damaged trees is placed upon whoever has the trees on their property. The property owner will be held accountable for their trees in these types of events and accidents. We are here to prevent these accidents before they happen, so that you or your business never have to be held liable for tree related disasters.

770 Arborist is a commercial tree service that has worked on many projects throughout Michigan. Our services are flexible and can be done in numerous commercial settings. We are versatile and our staff members are capable of assisting with:

● Apartment complexes and rental properties
● Commercial buildings
● Homeowners’ associations
● Shopping centers
● Paving companies
● Municipalities

Receiving an accurate assessment from a reliable and professional source is the key to preventing any risk or harm related to trees. We are your allies when it comes to maintaining and assessing the trees on your property, so that you can focus on maximizing your profits and
running your business.

Tree Risk Assessment

The reality of having trees on your property is that each and every one of them presents a certain element of risk. It is unrealistic to simply cut every tree down to minimize this, so we have come up with a process to analyze the overall health and condition of each tree as well as potential risks they could pose in the future.

Depending on our findings, we can then suggest a broad range of solutions. Some trees require a full removal if they pose any significant risk, while other trees may need “surgery” to fix certain parts. You may also have trees that need little to no maintenance if they are safely standing. We’ll work to help you meet expected standards of safety, allowing you to save money, mitigate risks, and take care of your customers at the same time.

In order to provide accurate results, we evaluate four factors to assess any given tree on your property:

  1. Time. Our first step is to establish a timeframe for a potential tree failure. Based on the health of the tree we are able to decide the span of time that it may take for the tree to cause problems. If you prolong this process for enough time, any tree will eventually fall over. An estimated length of time for the tree to become dangerous is an important part of safely planning when and how we conduct our job and crucial to the safety of you and anything that is in proximity of the tree.
  2. Target. Another question we ask in our assessment is: what is the tree most likely to hit? The pool? A tennis court? A resident’s or customer’s car? When a tree falls unexpectedly, the results can be devastating. Determining the location which a tree may fall into is crucial in estimating the severity of an impending accident and preventing it from happening.
  3. Likely Defects or Causes of Failure. We determine what’s most likely to turn the tree into a problem. Is it already leaning? Is it covered in carpenter ants (a major indication of decay)? Does it have a weak structure? Some problems won’t be obvious to the naked eye. 
  4. Consequences of Failure and Impact. Our team knows what parts of trees tend to break first, how they break, how trees fall, and the “chain reactions” a falling or fallen tree can set off. Our process includes analyzing questions such as : What is likely to happen if the tree falls? What might be damaged? Who might be hurt? What kind of monetary effect might that have? 

Benefits of Our Approach

The safety and well-being of our customers is our #1 priority. You can feel confident knowing that we will never try to talk you into an unnecessary procedure. Based on our 20-plus years of experience and knowledge, we will give you as much information as possible on what we find, as well as a complete breakdown of how we plan to service your trees so that we are on the same page. Our team is here to help you understand the situation at hand and mitigate any possible risk.

If you’re a property manager, our services will help you maximize your investment profits by keeping your rental sites operational, safe and in good condition. Your property will look appealing to potential renters and will also be pleasant for current tenants to live in.

Our team can also work in conjunction with commercial builders and planners. Using our knowledge of trees as well as assessment strategies, we are able to help developers analyze areas that they want to build on/near and navigate areas of the land where they may come in contact with trees that can potentially cause damage. Before the first foundation is poured, team up with our professional Arborists to make your next construction project smooth and trouble free.

If you’re part of a HomeOwners Association, we’ll help you control leaning trees, trees that may threaten the safety and property of client homeowners, and trees that might interfere with streets and common areas. We have the proper tools and techniques to get both big and small jobs done the best and safest way so you won’t have to.

Owners of shopping centers or strip malls can benefit from our services as we are capable of efficiently keeping the lines of sight clear on low hanging branches and overgrown bushes, as well as minimizing the presence of vagrants on the property by clearing out unwanted foliage and places created by overgrowth that can be used as cover.

We also help owners of paving and road work companies accurately plan projects. Our staff will take care of the logistics when it comes to trees and allow you to stay clear of critical root zones that may cross into roadways throughout the course of each project. We’ll also help with the removal procedure when trees get in the way of stoplight installment.

If you work for a local municipality, you’ll want a reputable arborist that you can refer to homeowners. Homeowners typically require consultation or service when it comes to jobs such as tree removal, trimming and assessing tree risks on city-owned property. If you are having a hard time offering advice when it comes to trees, we can step in as your official consulting arborists for any Municipalities that require reliable and prompt service which caters to homeowners and various other city related projects.

Typically, most prospective customers hope that all the trees on a property are fine and can stay standing. It is sometimes difficult to get rid of trees that have stood and grown around your property for a long time and shaped that landscape. We understand that you might not always like what we have to say after a consultation but we will always tell the truth. Our job is to give you all the facts with our assessment, and to help you carry out the best option.

Tree Trimming

Oftentimes, full tree removal isn’t necessary, but trimming may be required for safety reasons. Tree branches tend to block lights or stretch out over pools, playsets, parking lots, the sides of the road, and even tennis courts, creating scenarios that can turn dangerous in a short amount of time. Tree trimming is a cost effective way to maintain trees and keep branches in check. Routine pruning stops potential problems before they happen. We also prune to maintain clearance around dwellings, so as to keep branches away from rooftops. Our team views operations such as pruning to be just as important as the removal of full trees. We will always send Certified Arborists to do each job, and make sure that it gets done safely and correctly. Jobs like pruning are often the most cost-effective way to mitigate risk and to prevent other problems from developing in the future, so it’s worth getting it right the first time.

Tree Removal
In certain instances, fully removing a tree is the only ideal option when it comes to trees that pose a significant safety issue. Some trees have irreparable defects, damage or rot that can cause an accident whether it’s short term or long term. We only use the highest quality tree removal equipment including cranes to help us complete your job safely and efficiently. Our staff will always have a comprehensive plan for removal of trees and make you aware of the details so that you can feel comfortable with the process every step of the way. When bushes are left alone to grow for too long, they not only become an eyesore, but become very high and thick. As a result, the bushes can become a setting for makeshift shelters which drug addicts, vagrants and even animals seek refuge in. By trimming lower limbs and branches as well as keeping the lines of sight clear, we can help you protect residents, employees, and
customers from bad encounters with unwanted trespassers.

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